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Behind the scenes of the Grand Rex cinema

Behind the scenes of the Grand Rex cinema

A jewel of Parisian cultural heritage, the Grand Rex invites you on a journey behind the scenes. Immerse yourself in the heart of this great venue, which for 80 years has been dedicated to the art of the movies, during your stay at the Hotel Daunou Opera.


The Grand Rex; the last great palace of cinema

Classified on the list of Monuments Historiques, the Grand Rex is the largest cinema in the world. This Art Deco style building with its baroque embellishments and starry vault has stood elegantly in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement since 1932. A movie theatre unique in Europe, it also hosts music concerts and dance shows.


Plunge into the world of the movies and of this iconic theatre

Treat yourself to an interactive journey into the magical world of the 7th art. The history of the Grand Rex is revealed to you through a unique exploration of its architecture and history and a look behind the scenes.

This fun and educational visit lasting approximately an hour takes the form of an interactive journey through different spaces and is divided into three major themes. You first learn about the history of the Grand Rex and its construction in 1932. Then you go backstage in a transparent elevator that transports you behind the screen. Finally, you visit the projection booth and the director's office. An ingenious multimedia experience immerses you in a film shoot and reveals the secrets of the latest cinematographic techniques. Sound effects, dubbing, special effects and other aspects of movie magic are unveiled! A special adventure not to be missed!

Your Grand Rex tour will be interspersed with fun and fascinating facts. Did you know, for example, that the location of the projection booth was completely overlooked by the architect? This explains the addition seen on the exterior wall! Book your stay now to find out more.



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