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Winter in Paris; warm up your body and mind in the capital's literary cafes

Winter in Paris; warm up your body and mind in the capital's literary cafes

The Hotel Daunou Opera presents a quick guide to the most warm and pleasant literary cafes in the capital, where you can enjoy a hot drink and a piece of cake in comfort while browsing a good book...


The Salon by Thé des Ecrivains


In keeping with the values ​​of the Thé des Ecrivains brand, the Salon by Thé des Ecrivains is a multi-cultural venue in the heart of the Marais. In addition to tasting the highest quality teas, you can choose from a selection of almost 5,000 books. Events are regularly organised, including meetings, tastings, readings and signings by internationally famous writers and other celebrities. A must!


La Belle Hortense


If you think that France is the country of wine and publishers, then you won’t be surprised by La Belle Hortense. This inviting place is a combination of bookshop and wine cellar; a compelling concept indeed! The books, and the wines, are chosen with equal taste and care by the proprietors. And you can discuss literature until late because La Belle Hortense doesn’t close until 02:00 in the morning!


Shakespeare And Company Café


This bookshop, a venerable institution in Paris, has for the last two years operated a warmly welcoming and 100% healthy cafe right next door. A great place to feed your body while cultivating your mind. It embodies an Anglo-Saxon ambience combined with Parisian verve!


Café de la Paix


More than 150 years old and synonymous with Parisian chic, the Café de la Paix still retains its gorgeous late 19th century elegance. This was the favoured hangout of Émile Zola, Guy de Maupassant, Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, André Gide, Ernest Hemingway and other literary titans, and a visit remains essential for anyone with an interest in the literary life of yesteryear.

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